Je n’ai pas pris la peine de traduire cet extrait en anglais (le soleil arrivant, la fainéantise approche…) :

« IT professionals must learn the bad guys’ techniques so they can keep an eye on Google to ensure their crown jewels aren’t ending up in the public domain, said Tom Bowers, managing director of Allentown (..). « If something ends up on Google it becomes public information, » Bowers said at last week’s SecureWorld conference in Boston. « It’s your job to see if your intellectual property is on Google and to come up with the right defenses so it doesn’t happen. »
Bowers isn’t the first security expert to warn that Google could be used to unearth company secrets. Penetration tester Johnny Long has made headlines explaining ways to turn Google into a malicious tool, and his Web site includes a « Google hacking database. » But Bowers said many companies still have no idea how real the Google threat is. »

A visiter : la Google Hacking Database mentionnée ci-dessus…

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